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Stupid hot video of Lyanna FTV Plus 16 pics of Lyanna in yoga pants. WOW!

Video from: FTV Girls

Lyanna FTV aka Ellia Suicide must be one of the cutest girls I've seen on FTV. In this video she comes across as really shy and innocent but is she really? It takes a certain type of girl to be in nude videos playing with her pussy. I have to admit though she does seem a little nervous. I think this must of been one of her first shoots.  She's gorgeous though, with dark brown hair, huge boobs and a lovely thick bubble butt.

In this free sex video she's wearing a black mini skirt - no panties underneath. The video starts with her fondling her big natural breasts and then she stands up and hitches her skirt up to show off her butthole - reaching round and stretching her ass and pussy we get a good closeup of this teens tight love holes.

He jokes around with Lyanna - asking why she's on private property and she replies "to be naked in public" but with such an endearing laugh you can't help but fall in love with this beauty.

Later on she can be seen touching herself outdoors, playing with her clit and when she puts two fingers inside herself you can hear how wet she is and when asked why she is so wet she replies that it's because she's naked outside. We finish off with a really great closeup of her lush pink pussy. After getting so hot and bothered I can only dream of what was done to that pussy after the shoot.

Lyanna FTV wearing yoga pants without any panties

Gallery from: FTV Girls

Yeah, I totally agree buddy, Ellia Suicide otherwise known as Lyanna is gorgeous and she knows it I guess that's why she chose a career as a pornstar. Not only is she stupidly pretty she's also fit as fuck and can do yoga. Why is it I find girls in yoga pants so fucking hot?

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